WHMCS Review

Want to get WHMCS for free?

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As you may already know, WHMCS is a great software (read our review) for starting your own web hosting business. However, it's quite expensive.

Is there a way to get WHMCS free?

Yes there it, and we're not talking about the standard 15-day free trial on the WHMCS website. This is a completely free, no-strings-attached WHMCS license.

Here's the trick: Get a dedicated server from HostGator

That's right! HostGator is offering a free WHMCS license to anyone who gets a dedicated server from them. Since they are official resellers of WHMCS, this is a lifetime free license with no catch.

whmcs free

When you think about it, this is actually an awesome deal because you would need to get a dedicated server anyway to kickstart your web hosting business. The cheapest HostGator dedicated server is $174 / months and is more than enough to get started.

Plus, the dedicated server also comes with other cool free stuff, so go and claim your free WHMCS now.

How to Activate Your FREE WHMCS License

Once you have completed a purchase with HostGator, go to this page to claim your free license: http://www.whmcs.com/hostgator/

Enter the domain name and click on "Check Eligibility". If your domain name passes the validation test, the free copy is yours!